Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Launch and Landing of a Shuttle

Hi Friends,
Recently one of my brother had asked a review of launch of space shuttle for his school assignment. So i thought it would been nice to use in my blog. We don't get chance to see the shuttle launch live. If u got any Picture or interesting information , share with us.! Correct me if anything wrong!

An Overview of Space shuttle launch to landing:

At Lift-off, the shuttle is made of:

Winged orbiter- where the astronauts travel
A Huge fuel tank (External Tank)- which supplies fuel to the orbiter's three main engines and
Two Solid Rocket Booster (SRB) attached to the fuel tank

The Fuel tank contains liquid oxygen and hydrogen.
The booster rockets use Solid Fuel.
They both work like huge fireworks, and cannot be switched off after ignition.

The orbiter also has two smaller engines called the orbital manoeuvrings system(OMS), and clusters of small gas-powered thrusters at the nose and tail, used for small manoeuvrings in orbit.
The picture shows the Orbiter's partial views of the shuttle's main engines, orbital maneuvering system (OMS) pods, a portion of the payload bay door panels and the shuttle's wings.

The Launch of shuttle is Explained here:


2. Soon after the lift-off, the shuttle turns on to its back.

3. The booster rockets(SRB) last for two minutes, then separate from the fuel tank and parachute back to the earth for re-use.

4. The fuel in the External tank runs out after nine minutes, after which the orbiter jettisons it and the external tank falls back into the atmosphere, where it burns up because of the intense heat created.

Fuel tank dropped and Orbiter Jettisons

External Tank post jettison

5. The orbiter are now on its own. The OMS engines are fired for a short time to accelerate the orbiter into its correct orbit.

The orbiter in the space with payload

Less than 15 minute after the launch, the shuttle is in orbit at an altitude of about 200 km. Now the astronauts can carry out their mission.

6. With the mission complete, the OMS engines slow down the orbiter so that it begins to fall back to Earth.

During re-entry into the atmosphere, heat-resistant ceramic tiles protect the orbiter from the intense heat. It gradually slows as it descends, and finally glides back on to a runway like an aeroplane.

(In Picture, the Orbiter deploys the landing gear before landing on a selected runway just like a common aircraft)

To return to Earth the space shuttle must make a series of complicated manouevres to align itself into the correct position to achieve a safe descent:
1. The shuttle flies upside down in orbit to control its heating.
2. To re-enter the atmosphere, the shuttle is turned tail first to the direction of travel, and fires its engines to slow its speed.
3. The orbiter is then flipped the right way up and enters the top layer of the atmosphere at about a 40-degree angle from horizontal with its wings level.

4. The orientation keeps its black thermal tiles facing the majority of the heat - as high 1,650C (3,000F) on the leading edges of the wings and nose.
5. As its speed drops, the shuttle starts to fly more like an aircraft, using its rudder and wing flaps for control. It banks sharply to slow its speed still further
6. The shuttle falls from a height of more than 360km at speeds that top Mach 30, and at an angle of 19 degrees, far steeper than that of a commercial aircraft. The spacecraft comes to a dead stop half a world a way from where it began the descent.

Shuttle Landing

Deccan chargers - Gilly ruins Deccan Chargers

Gilchirst who is star player of Deccan chargers and who is the main reason to win ipl 2009 now ruins deccan chargers. Do you think how he ruins it.

Though he is a great player and am fan great of him for his sweep shot and the way he dominating the cricket.
But when you look at ipl its indian premier league but in chargers side all australian players dominating the team. Am not creating any racism or discrimination. But the steps taken by gilly makes me to think in this way.

Some of the points i like to discuss here:-
*After the win of ipl 2009, i hope the team management might gave privilege to do what ever he likes. Problem starts for chargers right from here.

*Coach of Deccan Chargers is an Australian Player.

*And Assistant coach is also a australian. dont worry for namesake there is a assistant indian coach for them.

*Gilly bought Harris in ipl auction. Harris is not at a good form and harris doesnot create much record in twenty20 format. since he is an australian he choosed him.

*If gilly had got a chance to select the players in ipl 2008 auction, then you might not able to see Gibbs and Vaas in the team.

*Gilly gives enough chance to other players. But for australian players they get enough chance inspite of their poor performance.

*He is not allowing young players to shine. If you take other teams in ipl, young players get chance to expose their talent. But in deccan chargers its worse, Gilly makes all senior players to fill top of the order and makes the youngster to feel the pressure and due to pressure they couldnt perform well. And gilly will blame in post match presentation that top order didnt fired, not performed well bla bla bla X-(

*Vaas is a leading wicket taking bowler in deccan side as well as he has good economic rate. But he was dropped and given chance to other bowlers. He can score some odd runs if he get a chance to bat. so it is good to keep him in team. The very worst thing is after knowing that no one is bowling as good as vaas, gilly didnt give him a chance to play.

VAAS Performance in this ipl
Matches - 5
wickets - 8
overs - 18
Best - 3/21
Economy - 6.66

*Then i like to point out the incident that happens between mumbai indians and deccan chargers. Laxman is not allowed to play is own shots. (yeah i accept he is suitable player for t20 but we wanna give him chance to show his experience and talent). why am saying is... in that match he got out by run out. It seems that he should take singles and give strike to gilly. In that pressure itself he played and got it. If you saw that incident means you can understand what i mean.

*Gibbs was playing good. He is the third highest run getter in deccan side next to Rohit sharma and Symonds respectively. But he was dropped in recent match.

So these some of the things i like to mention about gilly if he continues to keep on australian players. No one can stop the deccan getting ruin.

Some Facts i found in this ipl:
*Team which open with two indian players get good total and win the match. Percentage is high to this combination. for eg : Mumbai Indians
*Teams Opens with one foreign and one indian player is next combination wins few matches comfortably eg: Delhi Daredevils
*Teams Opens with two foreign players loses often. For eg: deccan chargers, though gibbs and gilly gives good start. their middle orders failed to maintain the momentum due to pressure and inexperience youngsters.

If gilly corrects his mistakes and make a good combination team. Then we can enjoy the aggressive performance of the deccan chargers in the field.

If you are a true fan of chargers, you can make it possible by discussing this fact with your friends and commenting in some main forums and create awareness about it and make media to look at it and they will create it as a issue. So you can do it buddy.

You can leave your comments , am expecting it. And i might gone wrong anywhere please correct it. Thanks for reading this post. Have a good day. :D