Saturday, October 17, 2009

Is it Good Decision to drop DRAVID or not???

Is it Good Decision to drop DRAVID or not???

Dravid "THE WALL", a decent cricketer. His style of batting is to defend and scoring runs by using the pace of the ball. He wont give his wicket easily. One of the senior,talented, experience player of INDIA.
For the past five years, Cricket world is changing a lot. New format of game was introduced "Twenty20". Its a game where batsman about to hit six and fours for each ball.This format attracts almost all Cricket fans.
To play in this format, batting style should be aggressive and should hit with power.Dravid's batting style in quiet opposite to it. So he cant withstand for the expectation of fans.Fans now gets used to see Twenty20 and they expecting the same strike rate in one day also.
Problem starts here for dravid, he cant maintain healthy strike rate. so two years back he dropped from one day india squad.But with his hardwork and passion towards cricket, He surprised whole cricket world by giving aggressive performance in IPL-2.
After two years, selection commission included his name in one day squad for compaq tri series.All of his fans were expecting more from him, but he failed to fulfil it. And His poor strike rate follows in champions trophy also. It doesnot compromise his fans expectation.
But he scored some important runs at crucial time in champions trophy.So dravid fans doesnot think that selection team would drop him.
Some reasons why dravid dropped??
*He is not running good between the wickets and they feels he made his partner to get runout in champions trophy.
*He dont have good strike rate.
*Lack of confidence.
*As a replacement for shewag, dravid was choosed.(Now shewag is fit)
*They also give preferences to younger players. They think Dravid is not fit for ODI team as he is 36 years. [I like to tel count the skill or runs he scored and not the age]
These are some of the reasons, why dravid dropped from team.

Whatever may be the reason, selection committee believed on kholi but not on dravid?? its not at all acceptable.And Fans should accept that if dravid lose his confidence in a match, he failed to regain it.When we look at this particular series, dravid experience and his style of batting is very important. Since Australia have very good bowling lineup, eventhough we have good batting lineup sometimes youngster failed to be consistent and they are not experience enough to face mighty australians.
Its sure dravid batting will help india. I think selection committee might thought to give chance for youngster for first two games and later they will call Dravid back to the squad.since its seven match series losing first two games wont create much problem though it weakens india team mentality. We can overcome it and do perform well in other five matches.So lets us hope for the dravid's return.

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